There’s a pattern to many great projects in different field of like: they start in backyards and garages. Such a story is connected to our exhibition, and we are glad that it progressed to the scale we have now.

EPDA Europe was first held 7 years ago, and it was a small event created by a group of friends for local citizens. After a breakthrough of blue LED in 1990s, many people became more interested in the technology. The information about the exhibition was gathered, and soon after potential exhibitors from other districts and even cities applied.

The next year we have decided to rent a special facility and our exhibition had a completely new level. We loved that, as we shared our experience and took our chances to learn from other applicants. So it was decided that the tradition will continue – we have created respective online pages and decided to go wide.

Each year, the number of participants increases, and so does the quality of their work. We will soon finish the second decade of the 21st century, we can’t afford ourselves to slow down. That’s why with every exhibition we level the quality standard up, making our participants become more professional. Fortunately, such an approach works perfectly, and we get more and more creative works every year.

LED technologies can be included into our household in so many ways: we can reduce electric sources consumption, make our homes more practical and beautiful. Our exhibitors prove that to us and our audience every year during our 5-day exhibition.

We choose different places and dates every year to make the event more different from the previous one. As our applicants are creative, we also want to keep the level, that’s why we are doing something new every year. There are lots of feedbacks after every event abot its organization level, decorations, and participants.

We are grateful for what we have achieved with the help of so many people, and we don’t want to stop on the 7-year age. We want to meet the next decade with new breakthroughs, technologies, and techniques of their implementation. We will strive to make your homes more convenient and beautiful with our new discoveries!