Have you ever thought how magical can something appear, should you add some LED lights? Ever thought about implementing something like that into your household? If yes, be prepared for what we are about to show you, but if no, let us introduce our exhibition.

EPBA Europe is a household electronic exhibition that focuses on adding LED lights. It can be done both for convenience and beauty, and there are so many grand ideas yet to be implemented! We do our best to show you all new technologies connected to the topic, every year.

Our Exhibitors

We accept hundreds of applications from different countries, so we like to call ourselves an international electronic exhibition. We have a certain competition, but if the idea of a particular organization is considered creative and useful, we accept the application. There are so many talented people who create projects that help people use their household devices and even interiors more conveniently.

Our Organization

We aren’t the oldest exhibition of this kind, but we are indeed one of the most creative. After every event, we have a year to prepare another one, and we use that time fully. We want all our events to be unique, so our audience isn’t bored to come again. We accept all kinds of suggestions, work on them, and decide whether there’s something we have missed. Many things need improvement in any sphere of activities, including events like ours. There’s always something to be made better, and this is what we work on after every new exhibition.

Contact Us

If you have suggestions or questions about EPBA Europe, please, contact us in any way convenient for you. All information can be found on a respective page, and all kinds of feedbacks are welcome. We will answer all your questions, reply to any suggestions, and make everything possible for you to enjoy our next exhibition.

Want to Cooperate?

If you’re thinking of a cooperation of any way, contact us right away. It would be much better if you did so at least a couple of months before the actual event, so we could discuss and decide everything. We are open for any kind of cooperation, so send us your suggestions if you’re interested!