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When some kind of product gains popularity really fast, as in happened with led inbouw spots, many myths and legends appear about the item. Even those people who have never used LEDs in their life happen to hear a thing or two about them. There are many things that come to mind when you hear about led spots, and some of those are not necessarily true.

Top 7 Myths About LEDs

  1. LED light is not enough.
    It’s quite common for many people to think that an average bulb won’t give enough of the light and you’ll need something else. It’s also typical to state that LED light is way too bright and white, which is not the best choice for the house. Actually, this is not true at all. You can get nice led inbouwspot and it will be perfectly enough for reading and to make your house comfy and lighten it up.
  2. Usually led inbouwspots don’t serve for a long time.
    Only if 7 years is not enough for you! That’s right, led spot inbouwspots will serve you for about 7 years and it’s one of the most long-lasting types of the bulbs you can get.
  3. Getting LEDs for your house would be way too expensive.
    This myth might have been truth at one point, but now LEDs are very common and spread and they nearly don’t cost that much. Actually, they will be much cheaper if you count the costs of your bills. They serve you for a long time too and you won’t need to switch them too often, so if the incandescent bulb really is a little bit cheaper, you will have to buy a lot of those. And the led spots inbouw is there for long-term use and when choose for Inbouwspots & Inbouwspotjes online kopen it is possible to save some money
  4. LEDs are bad for you.
    It’s so not true, those bulbs are not toxic and they don’t contain any bad gasses as similar lights do. It’s much safer to use LEDs when you’re reading too, they are not harmful or painful for your eyes and produce the light of good quality.
  5. The average led spotjes don’t give any heat whatsoever.
    They actually do, but very little if you compare it to the regular light bulbs. To check it you can simply let it run for an hour and try out the temperature.
  6. LED lights are sensitive to temperature.
    There is a myth that those don’t work when it’s too cold or too hot or need some time to start working. The temperature or the moisture don’t really matter, so the place like washroom will go with inbouwspots; badkamer can be a good choice for those too.
  7. You can’t control LED bulbs.
    Those are much easier to control and the led inbouw spots dimbaar will always suit people who love reading in the evenings. You can set your own rules with LED.

As you can see, there are many things that are not true about LEDs and their usage. They have plenty of good qualities and inbouw led spots are very comfortable to put in your house. You won’t have a lot of troubles and will save a lot of money. And they also are clean and eco-friendly, which is a cool thing for those who care about nature.